Customised Rubber Stamps

At Stampers Grove we provide high quality bespoke rubber stamps at a reasonable price. (See tables and descriptions below).  If you would like us to provide a bespoke rubber stamp please email us with the relevant details to


The prices below are based on individual stamps. As you will see the prices are size dependent. We show prices for Basic, self-inking and pre-inked. Note, for self-inking and pre-inked please specify the colour of ink when ordering. (Black is the default, although red and blue are also available at the quoted prices. Other colours are likely to incur an additional charge). If you wish us to provide multiple stamps please ask for a quotation, as there may be some savings. If you would like us to produce a stamp, please advise the dimensions and provide an image (jpeg, pdf, EPS files are all fine), or wording with required layout and font as preferred. The costs are inclusive of VAT and assume collection from our shop. Add £2.50 for delivery. Although we are usually quicker, please allow approximately 1 week following payment and provision of final artwork.


75mm £42.30£48.20£50.50£51.50£52.00
50mm £40.16£42.30£44.44£48.20£50.34
38mm £32.25£34.27£39.09£43.64£48.20
6mm  £19.84   


A separate ink pad is required for the basic stamps. Note that the default mount for the basic stamps is a plastic handle. A woodmount is also available instead if desired. If so please advise at the ordering stage. Note that for some bigger stamps a wooden mount will automatically be used. (This is normally the case if the stamp is greater in size than 102mm x 72mm.)


Note if your stamp doesn't fit into the above table, we are able to arrange for bigger (oversized) stamps. These will be mounted on a wooden block:
Current Oversized Stamp Prices:
Maximum Size of Oversized stampPrice (£)
175mm by 25mm44
200mm by 25mm52
175mm by 50mm62
200mm by 50mm66
175mm by 75mm75
200mm by 75mm86
175mm by 100mm95
200mm by 100mm105
200mm by 125mm120



Self-inking (Trodat)SizePrice
TR4405553mm x 33mm (oval)£49.63
TR4601917mm diamater (circle)£24.20
TR4602523mm diamater (circle)£26.12
TR4603028mm diamater (circle)£28.89
TR4604038mm diamater (circle)£35.82
TR490814mm x 6mm (rectangle)£18.61
TR491024mm x 9mm (rectangle)£22.46
TR491136mm x 12mm (rectangle)£25.00
TR491245mm x 16mm (rectangle)£28.60
TR491356mm x 20mm (rectangle)£35.82
TR491568mm x 23mm (rectangle)£45.07
TR491668mm x 9mm (rectangle)£26.77
TR491748mm x 9mm (rectangle)£24.77
TR491873mm x 13mm (rectangle)£38.71
TR492111mm x 11mm (square)£19.90
TR492218mm x 18mm (square)£23.75
TR492328mm x 28mm (square)£28.31
TR492438mm x 38mm (square)£35.82
TR492580mm x 23mm (rectangle)£49.69
TR492673mm x 36mm (rectangle)£52.00
TR492758mm x 38mm (rectangle)£49.69
TR492858mm x 31mm (rectangle)£47.38
TR492948mm x 28mm (rectangle)£38.71
TR494139mm x 22mm (rectangle)£28.89


Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad. A spring device automatically re-inks the die with your image between each impression. The ink-pad provided generally gives a few thousand impressions.



Pre-inked1"/25mm2"/50mm3"/75mm3 3/4"/95mm
2 3/4"/70mm £79.00£80.00£89.00
2"/50mm £72.00£79.00£82.00
1 1/2"/38mm £57.00£67.00£69.00
1/4"/6mm  £31.50 



Pre-inked carries its own ink (like the self-inking stamp). But unlike the self-inking stamp does not have a flip-around device. Instead the die is saturated with ink. The ink seeps through the die at a controlled rate. It generally provides more impressions than the self-inking alternative.








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