Raquel Burillo Perez - A Folder Full of Butterflies and techniques - PAST Paid Online Class

Raquel Burillo Perez - A Folder Full of Butterflies and techniques - PAST Paid Online Class

NOTE: If booking class only WITHOUT product - use code 'BUTTERFLY'. This will remove the shipping charge. Only to be used if booking class only.  

**IMPORTANT - This class has happened, so if you book on this you will be able to access the recorded class**

We were delighted to have Raquel Burillo Perez (aka Scrapcosy designer for PaperArtsy) run a online class in partnership with Stampers Grove on Saturday 27 February 2021. The class is titled 'A folder full of Butterflies...and techniques' . The class took just short of 4 hours and took place in a private FaceBook Group.

Raquel has been a designer for PaperArtsy for a few years now with her Scrapcosy brand. As well as her latest PaperArtsy releases, Raquel has also just introduced her own embossing powders with Wow! Embossing. 


 "A folder full of butterflies... and techniques"

Join Raquel (Scrapcosy) a PaperArtsy designer in her very first online class for 2021. You'll learn to create a vintage mini folder from scratch, full of techniques both outside and inside. The folder will be a place to store the technique tags that you'll create in the class using Infusions in several different ways along with Grunge Paste and Raquel's new WOW embossing powders TRIO, Ancient Jewels. Are you ready to play? 

Here is a short video by Raquel which shows you what you will be making if you join Raquel on her class (NEW VIDEO AS AT 18 February 2021)

This is our first online class with Raquel and we are very much looking forward to it. 

The class "A folder full of butterflies... and techniques"  follows on from Raquels FREE demo with Stampers Grove  on Saturday 6 February. You will find the demo here.

In the online class you will create 4 or 5 technique tags using regular cardboard, some wrapping paper and buttons and ribbons you have at hand. 

Want to make your life a little easier  - Raquel has prepared a "Little Butterfly kit" -  to save you hunting for those little bits and if you want your project to look most like the one that Raquel will be making in the class. These will be sent in a manila dinner money envelope that can be also included in the project.

There is a nominal charge for the kit of £2.50. (to cover a few expenses associated with it). However we will provide the kit free of charge (subject to availability - we have quite a few) to anyone booking the class and making a purchase from Stampers Grove of £28+ on product (excludes tuition fee). Add the free one to your basket instead.

If you decide to book the class first and purchase the product after that is ok too. We will still provide the kit (subject to availability) if you are an attendee of the class and you subsequently make a single purchase from Stampers Grove of  £28+  (before the class). If you want this just add the free one and we will check anyway that you have booked. (Again 1 max per attendee).



Product List (as per Raquel):

Where we have the item listed on our website we have marked it with a red *.You will also see the items listed below.

Product List:

  • ESC23 - butterflies 
  • PS223 - Having fun stencil*
  • Fresco Finish Satin Glaze* (or other glaze by PaperArtsy, matte*, gloss*, metallic*, pearl*, that would work too, but the finish will change)
  • Infusions* (our full infusions range can be found here. You'll even find a little video by Raquel there on the infusions. She is a bit of an expert!)
  • Sleight blue* (or another blue)
  • Golden Sands* (or Lemoncello*, the other yellow)
  • Sunset Beach* (or another pink or red)
  • Fresco finish paint French Roastor any other brown like chocolate pudding*, it is just to create a frame
  • Fresco finish paint Chalk* or Snowflake*
  • white craft mat by paperartsy, or a plate or something that can be used as a palette for mixing paints (we have listed alternative)
  • WOW embossing powders new TRIO Ancient Jewels*
  • Waterproof ink - I'll use Archival ink ground espresso or Versafine clair pinecone*. can use Potting soil* archival ink or any other brown (or black as a last resort, because black won't give them a vintage look, it will be sharper) as long as it is waterproof
  • Distress oxide ink - To give an aged look I recommend Vintage Photo* distress oxide (but can pick any other colour like walnut stain*) (I'll use that too) or you could try and use any other pigment ink of their choice or the regular distress. 
  • Sponge dauber or piece of cut-n-dry* foam or make up sponges
  • Round brush (1 minimum, and for the class. More  is better, so don't have to clean them all the time)
  • Heat tool/embossing gun*
  • grunge paste * (added to list 9 Feb)
  • Multi Medium Matte* or a strong glue like mod podge, so you can attach paper to paper and ribbons to paper and it should dry pretty quickly
  • A4 smoothy* heavy card stock (cut in 6 pieces of 7.4cm by 13.5cm plus 1 A4 for the inside of the folder) The leftovers of that will also be needed. I recommend them to cut another A4 into 6 more pieces so they have a spare few tags to play (should they make a mistake or they want to try with a different colour, etc) I'll explain all that in an intro video well ahead of the actual class and within the private facebook group)
  • White card (doesn't need to be smoothy) cut into 6 pieces of 7.9 by 14cm (so 0.5cm larger than the pieces above, to be used as a frame for each tag) + an extra piece of around same size
  • double sided tape or glue stick
  • acrylic blocks*
  • water spritzer*
  • paper towel or cloth
  • scissors (M)
  • Cardboard - size 8cm by 14.5cm - rescue a cardboard box from a delivery. Needs to be a corrugated cardboard stile, not a cereal box type. we want something a bit thick
  • 18cm Ribbon (in butterfly kit)*
  • 18 to 20cm lace (in butterfly kit)*
  • 90cm twine (in butterfly kit)*
  • 30cm of thread (in butterfly kit)*
  • One button (in butterfly kit)*
  • Needle
  • Awl or pricking tool to make holes through cardboard (needle may suffice)
  • Flat brush
  • Paint brush - very rough, the ones for painting furniture or walls. Raquel will use a 1 inch size. (if don't have a flat brush may be ok)
  • water bucket, to clean the brushes 
  • splatter brush* (regular brush can be used instead, but I'll use the splatter brush) 
  •  eau de toilette of your choice, as long as it's 70% volume of alcohol it will work + felt applicator or a piece of felt or a piece of dry baby wipe

Tutition Fee: 


(If purchasing class only with no products, which is absolutely fine. Use the code 'BUTTERFLY' to remove shipping. Only to be used if booking the class only. Not to be used if purchasing product.)

What's Included:

Upon registration and payment (handled by us at Stampers Grove,) you will receive a link to join our private Facebook group. (Allow 48 hours)
Join in, meet, and interact with other students. Raquel, also plans to prepare a short video for your class prep. This will be posted in the private Facebook Group in good time. 
The live will be taught through a Facebook Live video in a private classroom.

Learn fun and easy masking and layering techniques and explore different ways to use rubber stamps and stencils
Videos, questions, comments, and projects within the group will be made available until a minimum of 27 August 2021. You can re-watch later - as often as you'd like. 
Share photos of your in-progress and finished projects for feedback from me and other class members.

Technical Requirements:

You must have a Facebook account - it's the only way we can admit you to the private Facebook classroom
Your computer or device should be capable of viewing video with a strong enough internet connection to stream the lesson

We highly recommend that if you don't already have it, that you download the Facebook app on your phone or device and get logged in and set up. This will make it so you can easily take in-progress photos to post for feedback directly from the app.

Administrative Details & Class Policies:

Unfortunately, because this is an online class where you can view the content and have full access even if you miss the livestream (which will be archived in the group,) there are no cancellations or refunds.

Since this is an online class, we just want to make sure it's clear that you'll be responsible for providing all of your own supplies (please see the supply list above.) 




Q: How long will the Facebook group be available after the Live video is over?
A: The group will remain open for you to re-watch the videos and ask questions for 6 months after class (27 August 2021). All videos and posts will be archived and available during that time.

Q: Can I register after the live class is over?
A: Yes you can, the class has happened. 

Q: When will I get access to the Facebook group?
A: Please allow 48 hours for us to process your registration and send you a group invitation. If you have any questions please drop us an email  on enquiries@stampersgrove.co.uk or call us 01835 870419.



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